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CNRS Faculties Best CBSE Girls Boarding School in Cuttack

Our faculty members at Queen's Boarding School are highly educated professionals who are committed to providing the best education possible to our students. They are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals and develop important life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. Best CBSE Girls Boarding School in Cuttack



We aim at providing education which inculcates clarity of thought and creativity and develops scientific attitude. Enlightened by our Hoge experience working with best of the brains of the country and aiding them in cherishing their dreams of getting excellent ranks in AIMS, IIT, NIIT, medals to make areal difference how students are trained to face the challenges ahead of them. With the support of the best faculty in the field and a professional approach. We take pride in guiding these talented students to tackle one of the biggest challenges of their life of getting into these premier institutes. "An exhilarating new beginning has just been made in the field of serious education. We are here to nature the student's dream to reach these pinnacles in a refreshing way with our vast experience in the field. The atmosphere we provide and the approach we adopt would inject the concept of READ, WRITE & LEARN with Linking & make students enjoy the nuances of each and every concept taught. Best CBSE girls Boarding School in Cuttack


Our philosophy is simple – Sky is the limit for a passionate leaner. We teach with passion and inculcate in the learners a liking for what they do. We are learning on one’s own pace retaining the students’ originality. We make them work joyfully towards realization of their goal. When the effort is put sincerely and happily, the rewards reaped will be more satisfying. Best CBSE girls Boarding School in Cuttack

our philosophy
Teach with passion

We strongly believe that a student must be motivated to develop interest on topics he/she is learning. To achieve this, teachers must be passionate about what they are delivering - we handpick such teachers. Relevant Videos and documents will be shown to the students to enhance the curiosity in the subjects they are learning. Every effort is made to make the concepts easily understandable. Best CBSE Girls Boarding School in Cuttack


Our Micro Schedule, a revolutionary innovative educational technology, is developed by a team of professors and lecturers who have extensive academic and research experience.


The trendsetting Micro Schedule is a plan of day to day, hour to hour schedule for the students to follow during the academic year. This Micro Plan is distributed among all the students and teachers as well at the beginning of the academic year and followed precisely.

This extraordinary planning coupled with the precise execution is the reason for securing top ranks. Our Micro Schedule also plays its role as a monitoring system that evaluates the progress of the student continuously and makes changes to the teaching and preparation plans from time to time as demanded by the academic programmes introduced for the academic benefit of the student. 

micro schedule

Meticulous study material prepared by experts and exemplary teaching methodology. The education system is matchless in delivering amazing and unprecedented results. With a set of courses that cater to the needs and aspiration of the students, We aims to be the bench mark of academic Excellence. Best CBSE Girls Boarding School in Cuttack


Learner centered education is the intrinsic goal of our. We are committed itself to enriching the way education is imparted. this commitment and passion strengthens our vision to empower students to make them future global leaders. Best CBSE Girls Boarding School in Cuttack

Our commitment
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